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So many people ask "Where did the name Three Thirty 3 Designs come from?"  It starts with me.  I was born at 3:33pm and from as far back as I remember I have found solace in seeing the number as a gentle reminder that I am never alone.  Whether it is glancing at the clock at that specific time, seeing a license plate, getting change in that amount or the miles until empty is 333 on your dashboard after you went through a white knuckle experience in bad weather and made it home safe to turn off your vehicle to see 333!  We all have something we cling to, we all have a way in which we find comfort.  As a Christian the number 3 is representative of the Trinity and is the cornerstone of my existence.  All that I design, create and love comes from my heart and is truly a gift from God.  I consider it a blessing to share all that I have been given with as many as I can.  I look forward everyday to new connections and sharing my creative gifts.

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My Story

Everyone has something to share.  A gift or a talent making them unique.  A style, a look, or a way that separates them from others.  I have always been excited by color and design.  Being a stay-at-home Mom during the "Martha Stewart" era I made it a way of life to delight in the "presentation."  Whether it was my children's hand created Halloween costumes or a table scape and carefully selected menu for a themed dinner party, it was a delight to use my God-given gifts to create for my children, family, friends & neighbors.  So my entire adult life I sewed, painted, cooked, baked, designed for fun.  My children are grown and I now have the opportunity to do what I still love to do; CREATE!  

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